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Betsy Rifle Flag Decal

Betsy Rifle Flag Decal

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This sticker features historic rifles and dates that have defined our country. It's our second amendment right to carry, so take this Betsy Rifle Flag Sticker and show off your strong sense of pride with your favorite items. Share your love for this country by ordering your sticker today!


The Betsy Rifle Flag Sticker is crafted with the following details: 

  • Dimensions: 2.75" x 4"
  • Recommended to apply sticker to a clean surface


You do not have to be a Veteran to wear Grunt Style. To us, what you wear is more than just a necessity, it's about attitude! We have taken the fighting American spirit and instilled it in everything we do. Our passion is to dress every American in patriotic, military, and Veteran inspired clothing from head to toe. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality, most patriotic apparel on the planet, straight to your front door. You will always be blown away by our products, our service, and our ability to 'Merica!. We provide more than just shirts; we bolster a lifestyle. We will continue to do our part in bringing patriotism to every home in America. This We'll Defend.

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