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American Flag Premium Natural Stone Coasters

American Flag Premium Natural Stone Coasters

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American Flag Premium Natural Stone Coasters, patriotic decor, Stars and Stripes, Americana decor.

Rustic Travertine. All stone coasters have a full cork backing.

Travertine - These are very Rustic, and most travertine tiles do have holes/divots. Please see photos in listings. Premium natural stone coaster measuring roughly 4”x 4”. The travertine tile allows for slight absorbency, and some may absorb more than others. Each one is handmade and unique, and the tiles range in color from light to medium dark. No 2 are alike and colors may show differently since they are not white. By purchasing, you acknowledge that these coasters are individually made by hand and in no way will be perfect due to the nature of the natural stone, each coaster will be different, no 2 are alike. They are intended to have a rustic look and feel to them. These tiles are not always smooth and may be rough on the top. Part of the image could be missing where there may be holes/divots in the stone.

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