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LIGHT ROAST Flying Elk Roast Ground

LIGHT ROAST Flying Elk Roast Ground

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Flying Elk was the first-ever coffee released through the Exclusive Coffee Subscription in 2019 and was such a hit, we had to bring it back!

While the coffee inside isn't the same micro-lot roast found in the Exclusive Coffee Subscription, we were able to find a similar coffee from the same region with high-enough yields to make this icon available for everyone to enjoy!

Flying Elk is a Washed Arabica grown in the Tarrazu canton of Costa Rica, a region that has produced high-quality coffee since the late 1920s. This light roast comes with a nutty aroma and tasting notes of chocolate, almond, brown sugar, and a hint of nostalgia for those who were able to score a bag of the original Flying Elk.

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