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8fl oz Blackout - Blackened Seasoning

8fl oz Blackout - Blackened Seasoning

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Get ready to embrace the culinary darkness with our Blackout blackened seasoning. This blend is a limited-time flavor sensation that strikes the perfect balance between bold and robust, with a medium-level heat that adds just the right amount of kick. 

It’s a versatile seasoning that enhances the flavors of a wide variety of foods, from swordfish to salmon, steaks to potatoes, and so much more.

This seasonal blend is only available once per year, and highly coveted by customers. It’s no surprise it doesn’t last long once released. But once it’s gone, it’s gone until next year! Be sure to mark your calendars so you don’t miss out!

Blackened seasoning. Serves as an incredible seafood or chicken seasoning, but also great on veggies and many other foods. Pairs extremely well with our Salty SGT (Salty Steak & Burger seasoning) on steaks and other red meats.

Medium heat.

Quality ingredients, not just salt and sugar like many on the market.

Gluten Free, No GMO. Processed in a facility with no risk of cross contamination.

Packaged in an 8fl oz PET container.

Nutrition Info

Ingredients: Chilies, Sea Salt, Spices, Onion, Garlic, Silicon Dioxide (to prevent caking)

In-House Favorites

  • Blackened wood-grilled swordfish
  • Blackened chicken breasts (1/2" thick, tenderized, and cooked generously with vegetable or olive oil in a skillet/Foreman Grill)
  • Pellet smoked chicken drumsticks
  • Baked chicken

Pairs well with Poultry, Veggie, All Us, and Seafood

Quality Ingredients. Quality Blends.


• Made in United States • Weight: 7.04 oz (199.58 g)


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