Frag Out Flavor Seasoning And Rubs

About Frag Out Flavor

As a veteran owned business, we provide America loving patriots with quality seasonings and BBQ rubs to prepare meals that bring families and friends together. Hi, my name is Patrick Flynn. I had the honor of serving as a Combat Engineer in the Army. But the journey only starts there. Read our story to learn exactly who we are and what we're all about: AT FRAG OUT FLAVOR, WE'RE ON A MISSION... 1) Bring family and friends together. 2) Make a positive impact on the veteran community. In particular, do our part to help those organizations that provide strong, direct support to the veterans and their families who need it the most. Our growth and customers help make this possible, and for that, we are grateful. 3) Zero in on engaging with other like-minded individuals who share a passion for our past military life, great food, and BBQ. A brand centered around a lifestyle many were once a part of. 4) Reconnect and integrate with those who feel a void after having left their past military life. 5) Foster a culture of individuals who appreciate hard work, sacrifice, our freedoms, and the American way of life. A tribe of loyal customers who believe in our mission. 6) Provide our customers with the quality and flavor unmatched by anything else on the market.